Oct 21, 2009

Like, Love and Don't Like

This week, I like the fact that you can buy a Kate Gosselin wig to complete your Halloween costume. This is just too good. Kate is probably vain enough to be insulted by the advent of this product. If it doesn't get under her skin then surely the moniker of "female reverse mullet" given to her hairdo by the very same Today show morning staff that usually swoons all over Kate rubs her the wrong way. I wonder if she'll change her style anytime soon?

This week, I love being reminded of our honeymoon in Bermuda. The four major championship winners have been playing the annual PGA Grand Slam event at the Port Royal Golf Course this week. Man, I wish I was back there! Unlike Birmingham, Bermuda is small enough to the point where you have to be nice to everyone because you're very likely to cross paths with the same individuals several times each day. Everything is so pleasant there and the images seen in the background of the golf tournament's TV coverage takes me right back to the most special week of my life.

This week, I don't like the fact that I have many pairs of nice dress pants in my closet that don't fit. I'm not blaming Julie for my unwanted girth but being married to someone with culinary skills that would rival a 5-star chef is hazardous to your wardrobe. My plan has been to simply not eat as much and no more snacking. This has been my plan for a long time now. My parents never let me quit anything I started and now that I've told you and the rest of the Internet of my intent, I'm going to stick to it! Just a few pounds and I'll be back in those pants. As we are in the midst of college football (tailgates!!!) and with the holidays just around the corner (Oreo Balls!!!), my challenge will be difficult and temptation will be all around me. That's why I need your help. Ask me about my plan's progress the next time you see me and make me stick to my word!

The following clip sums up how I feel each time I try to put on a pair of my dress pants. SHB - this clip is for you!!


  1. Classic! Now I remember where Weird Al got his idea for the "Fat" video. "Shamone... ham on whole wheat."

  2. Julie, that was my thought exactly on the sewing machine. I'd be just fine with no embroidery now, but of course I'd want to eventually get one- so makes more sense to get the combo? Besides, bless Jake's heart, it will pay for itself in a heartbeat if I can stop buying diaper covers, etc. from folks who do have a monogramming machine. ONE THING on my list that you have mastered that may take me a while before I can learn is SMOCKING! I'm so impressed with your skills. Have a great day!