Jul 9, 2009

The Good Old Days

Back when I was in high school and college I spent every holiday and most every summer at our house in Destin. Now that I live 4 hours away, have short holidays and no time off in the summer I rarely make it down any more.

However this past weekend we were able to make a quick trip down with Sarah Harper and the Branchs.

We had a wonderful time relaxing by the pool, watching Wimbledon, cooking, and enjoying homemade ice cream! Hope to go back again very soon.

Nick enjoying some time in the pool

Clay hiding from the camera

Dinner on Friday night at Elmo's

Nick and Clay took advantage of the all you can eat fish special
On the way to watch fireworks

Aunt Lee and Ms. Susan

Mr. Max and Uncle Ed

The camera kept fogging up on me

Notice the sunburn. Ouch!

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